About Us

Our history

The ever versatile potato helped fuel the workforce of England’s industrial revolution in the 18th Century and for many years jacket potatoes were sold from large ovens in high streets and areas of commerce.   However, in the early 1980's King Edward Catering Equipment designed and produced the World's first Counter Top potato baker and since then the humble spud has featured heavily in menu's throughout the UK.

Here was a potato baker with all the appeal of a bygone age without the disadvantages, not only functional it was designed to be seen front of house and only required a small area of space and a 13 amp socket.  Pretty soon more and more caterers realised they could sell more jacket potatoes with this eye-catching and highly profitable counter top oven. The unrivalled design of the King Edward potato baker is as relevant now as it was then and its name remains inextricably linked with the ever popular jacket potato.

King Edward also designed and produced the first potato baker to use a convection oven and these ovens are used throughout our ranges today.  We now boast four different ranges and can confidently say we have a baker to suit any location or capacity, from traditional to contemporary there is a King Edward design that will suit you.

King Edward Catering Equipment are proud to have been at the forefront of this small development in the history of the mighty potato and of the reputation we have earned for producing quality products of outstanding design. We continue to be specified as the potato baker of choice by many blue chip companies and our products can be found in the restaurants of most major retailers throughout the UK.