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This product requires a 13amp socket

An economical alternative to our flagship large King Edward Potato Baker, the Classic 50 Potato Oven offers a similar 120 total potato capacity oven (50 in main oven + 50 on display) but at a very economical price.  Finished in black powder coating the resulting costs savings are passed stright to the user.

The Classic 50 Potato Oven is the ideal solution when you're looking for high volume without the external frills & finishing touches of the PB2FV. But don't be fooled by the low price; this model is manufactured to the same exacting standards as all our other products, and meets the CE standard.

With a highly efficient fan assisted convection oven and 2600W element this oven can cook up to 60 potatoes in around an hour, plus hold a similar capacity in the illuminated top display area. With that throughput you'll be able to keep all your customers happy - and all for an astonishingly low price.

And, because this baker uses fan assisted convection cooking it means you can cook any kind of foodstuff - not just potatoes.

for a 360 degree view of the Classic 50 Oven go to the King Edward Youtube Channel

  • Range: CLASSIC; Model code: CLASS50
  • Up to 120 total potato capacity (250g/8oz). 60 in main oven, 60 in the display area above
  • Can cook 60 potatoes in approx 1 hour
  • Thermostatically controlled 00 to 250 C temperature range
  • Illuminated heated display area for holding potatoes ready to serve
  • Built-in, wipe clean glass menu board; useful when used as a counter top
  • Supplied with 3 non-tilt wire trays
  • Fully insulated – Highly energy efficient
  • 90 minute audible timer
  • Easy clean interiors including a removable base / crumb tray in the top holding area.
  • Compact, small footprint: just 510mm x 475mm
  • Capacity in main cooking oven 60/50 (8/10 oz potatoes)
  • Display capacity 60/50 (8/10 oz potatoes) in illuminated area
  • Cooking time: 50 x 10oz potatoes per hour
  • Dimensions: 810mm H x 510mm W x 580mm D
  • Electrics: 220-240V; 2.6kw; uses 13 amp plug
  • Weight: 42 kgs
  • Black powder coated finish
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Classic 50 Baker, Poland

Classic 50 Potato Baker, Poland