Hot Food Merchandiser presents your jacket potatoes beautifully Print Page

The ideal way to serve and display hot potatoes and many other foods, the King Edward Merchandiser is manufactured to the CE standard, and is made to the same high standards as all our other products.

You may already have adequate oven capacity but do you have an attractive point of sale unit to display your ready to serve food?

It is a well known fact that presentation is an important consideration in food sales.

The King Edward Hot Food Merchandiser presents your jacket potatoes beautifully with design features your customers will recognise from our potato bakers. It doesn't stop there, you can use this merchandiser for Pies, Pizzas, Sausage Rolls etc. - in fact any pre cooked food that you wish to keep hot and on display.

With doors both front and back for easy loading and self service if required - it couldn't be easier.

Plug it in and watch your sales soar!




Size diagram

Height x Width x Depth (mm)
(incl. canopy & flue)
  640 x 515 x 533
Base Size Width x Depth (mm)   460 x 440
Weight (kg)   39
Wattage   1438
Volts   220 - 240
Capacity (potatoes only) 8/10oz   85/72
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Classic 50 Baker, Poland

Classic 50 Potato Baker, Poland