KE & The Environment

As a manufacturer of commercial catering equipment we recognise the potential impact we may have upon the environment. We understand the relevant processes involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing & delivery our products - and we know that some of the processes can inevitably have a detrimental effect on the environment. And that is why we take the environment very seriously, and do everything in our power to limit and reverse those negative consequences.

We make a commitment that, wherever possible, we will ensure that all processes we undertake address the needs and concerns of the environment, particularly in the following aspects of our business:

The manufacturing process

We lessen the impact by adopting key energy efficiency policies:

Commercial processes

Since 2008 we have significantly reduced the amount of printed communication & publicity material made available to existing and prospective customers.

By the increased use of one to one emails & group e-marketing strategies we have lessened our dependency on both in-house & externally produced printed materials. In doing so we have reduced our own carbon footprint, and that of our key marketing suppliers.

By using internal data more effectively we can reduce wastage – we now send fewer but better targeted communications.

By making more material available via our web site – downloadable files, etc – we have reduced the need for hard copy communications and postage. By reducing the amount of printed mailings by over 70% in a three year period we have significantly reduced our consumption of paper & envelopes.

Electronic invoicing of customers & ordering from suppliers wherever possible has resulted in a 60% reduction in daily postage. As more customers & suppliers become capable of trading electronically so we will reduce postage requirements even further.

General waste & energy reduction

By implementing best practice throughout the organisation, and by consistently communicating best practice to all employees, we will reduce waste by pure synergy:

We minimise our impact on the environment by adopting key energy reduction strategies:

Our ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly policies & procedures

Our focus on environmentally sound practices is not a one-time effort; it is an on-going and persistent commitment: