Made in the UK

As the company who designed and manufactured the very first King Edward potato baker over 35 years ago we have a maintained a simple yet consistent philosophy ever since: Build a Quality Product that offers genuine Benefit to your potential Customers.

And that's not easy when you consider the sheer breadth of customer we sell to.

Existing King Edward users range from the independent high street sandwich bar, through primary and junior school kitchens, all the way to multi-national supermarket chains serving hundreds of customers each day in their restaurants.

The common factor for all those customers is exactly the same: the need for total oven Reliability, a known Consistency and Quality of the cooked product, and Ease of Use and Low-Cost Maintenance to minimise operating costs.

As a result our philosophy hasn't really changed much since the day we started. Never cut corners within manufacturing; always make sure the specification delivers optimum performance, and always ensure you deliver a quality product that offers excellent value for money to the customer.

The fact that many of our customers have made King Edward their potato baker of choice for ten years or more shows our approach is working.