The humble jacket potato has come a long way from its original purpose of making any available meat go further and to stave off hunger pangs. They are now widely recognised as a delicious and nutritious base for a host of different meals from all time favourites such as cheese and coleslaw to warming meals like chicken curry or baked beans.

Baking potatoes are easy to source, require no preparation and are remarkably cheap to buy, team them with a King Edward Potato Baker and a yummy topping for perfect results ~ and happy customers!

In the King Edward Cold Server you can offer these popular cold toppings : butter, cheese, coleslaw, prawns, cottage cheese with pineapple, Tuna, sweetcorn, coronation chicken, egg mayonnaise, salad etc.

In the King Edward Bain Marie these toppings will stay hot and ready to serve: Curry, (meat or soya), baked beans, chilli, (meat or soya) hot dog, cauliflour cheese, cheese and leek, black pudding, mushy peas, savoury mince (meat or soya), chicken supreme, goulash etc etc

Don’t forget the King Edward Potato Baker is a highly efficient convection oven that will cook anything from fairy cakes to the Sunday roast!

Recipes from the British Potato Council.

King Edward’s top tips

For a thicker, crispier jacket reduce the oven temperature by 15-20 degrees and increase the cooking time.

When you have time, rub the potato skins in olive oil and sea salt before baking for a tasty, crunchy skin.