This product requires a 13 amp socket
Bake King Mini oven with front closed
Rear of Bake King Mini oven
Bake King Mini oven with top open
Bake King

Bake King Mini Oven

Product Code: BKM

Bake King Mini oven
  • Highly efficient fan assisted convection oven, for thorough and consistent cooking results every time
  • Suitable for cooking potatoes and all other foodstuffs
  • Up to 50 total 8 oz potato capacity - up to 25 in main cooking oven, plus further 25 can be stored simultaneously in the display area above
  • Both main oven & storage area illuminated whilst in operation
  • 2 shelves in main cooking oven - both fully removable allowing the entire oven cavity to be used if required
  • Removable crumb tray in top display area
  • An oven full of potatoes takes around 60 minutes to cook
  • Attractive customer facing write on/wipe off menu glass when the unit is used in a counter top position - mark your daily specials easily & quickly.
  • Can be used as a back bar or counter top unit without modification, straight out of the box - you can change it's position at a future date without a problem.
  • No steam ventilation or ducting required.
  • Simple controls makes it easy to operate - minimal staff training required to ensure consistency of results every time.
  • Choice of black powder coated finish or stainless steel finish
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The Bake King Mini oven is exactly what it says on the stainless steel - its like the original Bake King oven, only smaller.  With up to 50 total potato capacity - 25 in main oven plus the same quantity in the storage/display area above - it offers incredible cooking efficiency at such a low price. 

Both the main oven and display area are illuminated whilst cooking, adding to the live theatre at point of purchase.  And because it uses all the same high quality components & materials found in all our other ovens you can be sure it's just as good at cooking all other types of food - not just potatoes.

With a small footprint it will be ideal for those premises with limited front-of-house space who still need a powerful and versatile main cooking oven.

100% designed & built by us in the UK the Bake King MIni is the latest addition to the King Edward range.  And like all our ovens you can expect exceptional reliability as well as great performance. 

  • Range: BAKE KING; Model code: BKM
  • Thermostatically controlled fan assisted convection oven
  • 50 - 250 degree C temperature range
  • External dimensions: 670mm H x 460mm W x 550mm D
  • Footprint: 460mm x 475mm
  • 2 x main oven shelves, fully removable
  • Weight: 31 kgs
  • 90 minute audible timer
  • Powerful 2.5kW main oven element
  • Total electrics: 230/240V @ 50Hz; single phase, runs off standard 13 amp plug.
  • Stainless Steel (BKM/SS)
  • Black Powder Coated Finish (BKM/BLK)

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